The Dr Johnson Plays

In 1746 Samuel Johnson began to compile his famous Dictionary. Despite his famous antipathy to Scotland (“a very vile country to be sure”), five out of his six assistants were Scots. How did they help him and what was the process like?

A Word with Dr Johnson is a celebration of a masterpiece that defined both the English language and Johnson’s own life.

Nine years, 42,773 words and 114,000 definitions.

First performed at Òran Mór, Glasgow and the Traverse Theatre Edinburgh in October 2015. The cast was: Mark McDonnell, Gerda Stevenson, Simon Donaldson and Ali Macrae: The director was Marilyn Imrie.

Part Two, Doctor Johnson goes to Scotland, was performed in the same two theatres in October 2016. The cast was: Lewis Howden, Gerda Stevenson, Simon Donaldson, Morna Young and Kieran Alexander Stewart. The director was Marilyn Imrie.